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planchette and the other stories

When Josh and his friends messed up with a guru, they got more than what they had bargained for.

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somnambulsim and the other stories

A lady walks in sleep. Is she afflicted with a malady or tormented by a dybbuk?

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zedio and the other stories

The author and his friends felt sorry when they went too far to unmask a big talker.

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the haunted mirror

When the author found a mirror that did not throw his reflection, his happiness knew no bound. Then…

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murder in advance

Troubles knocked on the door when the author did not satisfy the police how he found a dead body.

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the house they called haunted

This is a tale of four wired ladies who liked to live in a very unconventional way and then.

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planchette and other stories

The author was on the lookout for a Guru, but the problem with him was that he was not ready to accept anyone as his Guru without establishing the fact that he was a real McCoy. So when he heard of a so-called Guru who was said to have some spiritual power, he and his three friends decided to put him to the test. And then…

somnambulsim and other stories

Present anthology constitutes three stories—Hustler, Retribution, and Somnambulism. All the weird chronicles took place in the late seventies of the last century at the fictitious town of Jhakkerpur in Bihar. Protagonists are four bored teenagers of a small town, who tried to spice up their holidays and in doing so, they inadvertently went too far and landed in precarious situations.

the haunted mirror

When the author, a teenaged boy of an offbeat hobby of ghost hunting, lost the debate and forced to visit Murshidabad to spend the vacation with his four other friends, he was not very happy, for he wanted to spend the holidays in a haunted house in the middle of a dense forest. He had, however, little idea at that time of leaving for Murshidabad that a bigger adventure was waiting for him over there.

Murder in advance

Ron’s interest in paranormal often landed him and his friends in the situations of peril. Here are the tales of two such incidents. The first incident happened when Ron and his friends found a dead body and could not satisfy the police inspector how they came to know about it, and the second one when they got acquainted with a man who claimed to have communicated with a dead person.

Zedio and the other stories

When Ronnie moved with his parents to Jhakkerpur, a one-horse-town on the bank of river Gangamukhi, he was very disappointed, for he was dreaming to move in a metropolitan town, not to a hick town like Jhakkerpur. His disappointment was, however, not long-lived as he met three kids of his own age and an elderly gentleman of late sixties, a big talker, named Mani Shankar Bhaduri. Then…