Why is it so great?

Do ghosts, phantoms, wraiths, spirits, apparitions, poltergeists, and spectres exist? Probably not, but they do exist in the folklore and the grandmother’s tales. Can anyone imagine children’s and young adult’s literature without them? Supernatural elements often appear in serious writings, too. Many prolific writers, such as Charles Dickens, Mary Shelley, Ray Bradbury and many other writers of name and fame have written about them. These authors quite diligently have transcribed adventurous ghost stories, spooky tales, blood-curdling murder mysteries, supernatural and psychological thrillers, and so on and so forth. What to talk about great horror fiction authors, great poets such as Tagore and Poe have also written about paranormal and got tremendous success. We all know very well how the greatest dramatist, William Shakespeare, used them in many dramas to convey his thought.

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Then the mute question is

— if apparitions don’t exist, why they wrote about them? Why they churn out so many books on séance, planchette and talk about werewolves and revenants? Why? It is because we may deny ghost, but we can't deny fear or spook. No matter how reasonable or bold one is, but the time comes when he gives up. Fear of paranormal exists even in the most logical mind because it is atavistic.

Finally, the question arises that if people are scared of ghosts then why do they like to read about them? This looks complicated, and to understand it we have to understand why people like watching and reading about tragedies. Why Macbeth, Othello, and hamlet are so popular? Why they like watching something which they do not want happening to them? Is it schadenfreude or catharsis that spurs people to watch a tragedy? Aristotle thinks it is the catharsis that urges people to see them.

Similarly, people like reading blood-curdling, hair-raising ghost stories because they are bored with monotonous life and they need some adventure, and as there is no ghost, they have no choice but to enjoy it vicariously. People sometimes tired of schmaltzy love stories and want deviations. They like to enjoy the ominous vatic feeling creeping up the spine.